About Stronger Than Cancer

Stronger Than Cancer was created in the fall of 2010, as a place online where cancer survivors could find the information they needed to empower their own journey to cancer survival.

This felt important to me, after my diagnosis in the early 2000s left me wanting more and more information.  I read about studies, and devoured articles about how simple things like the vitamins in fruit could fight cancer - but your doctor never mentions these things, so real information was something you needed to dig for.  Stronger Than Cancer was created as a starting point, to help anyone who wants to learn about what they can do to improve their chance of survival.

If you've recently been diagnosed with cancer, or wondering what you can do to prevent it, Stronger Than Cancer has a lot of information that will help you make the choices that work for you.

Disclaimer: we are not doctors.  We are not offering advice.  All information on the site includes links for you to learn more.  Our goal is to provide a broad introduction to all the conversations and research that are happening, that are of interest to cancer patients and survivors.  We all want to do everything we can to survive, this site is a jumping point for you to explore ways you can complement your cancer treatment with supporting your body's ability to fight cancer and keep it away.

Always talk about your thoughts and concerns with your doctor.  Together you will find a way to live better, stronger, healthier, and longer.

The site is currently being rebuilt from a previous version, so much of the data is still being transferred.  Please check back often, or find us on Facebook to hear about updates.

I'm glad you're here!!

Be well!