Eat to Beat Cancer

One of the easiest ways to keep fighting cancer after your doctor's appointments, is to eat more cancer fighting foods. Over the years, researchers have been learning more and more about how the foods we eat have the ability to help our immune system fight cancer. If we give our body the nutrients it needs to maintain a strong and healthy immune system, then we not only improve our chances of survival, we'll recover more quickly from the treatment.

Cutting Fruit

Photo by Nathan Cowley 

A good rule of thumb is to 'eat a rainbow'. If you don't eat many fruits or vegetables, start adding some to your daily routine. If you eat mainly one type of vegetable (like lettuce), try adding fruits and vegetables of different colors: orange carrots, green beans, yellow squash, blueberries, red raspberries... really, there are so many options. If you keep looking for some variety, then you'll know you're getting lots of different vitamins and other nutrients that help you fight cancer.


It can be confusing to choose a healthy diet.  There are many books and experts telling you one diet is better than another.  Your doctor can help you consider your options. 

Some people like to follow a specific diet that tells them what to eat; for them it's easier to have meals planned out and follow recipes.  But it can also be hard to stick to a diet, especially if it's very different than what you are used to.…