Diet Options


It can be confusing to choose a healthy diet.  There are many books and experts telling you one diet is better than another.  Your doctor can help you consider your options. 

Remember, it's always best not to make extreme changes.  Some diets that target weight loss, by limiting your diet to just a few items, or even just shakes, may not be the healthiest option for the long term. 

Choose a balanced diet that looks good to you, that isn't too complicated to stick with, and you'll have long term success.  And don't worry if you sometimes change your diet, as long as you are giving your body lots of nutritious foods, your immune system will thank you.

When you look at what most doctors recommend for an ideal diet to fight cancer, it looks a lot like the Mediterranean Diet.   

A vegan diet is unique in that it eliminates ALL animal food products.  Unlike a vegetarian diet that eliminates meat, a vegan diet takes it a step further and also eliminates dairy products like cheese. 

The macrobiotic diet is based on the idea of balancing yin and yang, consisting of 10 plans which are progressed through to reach an ideal yin/yang ratio of 5:1.

Eating Raw Foods has become a popular diet that embraces the idea that foods are most nutritious when you haven't cooked all of the nutrients out of them.  

Green smoothies may not look appetizing when you first encounter them, but they can be incredibly refreshing, and tasty.  But it's not about the taste.  Green smoothies are packed with vitamins and enzymes that are both energizing, as well as a…

If you feel overwhelmed and prefer a meal plan to follow, then the South Beach Diet (which is similar to the Mediterranean diet) is a good place to start.

While there are some studies that show a Keto Diet can help some cancer patients, the potential risks likely outweigh the benefits.

If you are used to the typical American diet, it may feel overwhelming to change.  But there are many ways you can make small changes to help your body fight cancer.