Research is constant.  Every day we are learning more about how to fight cancer in all of its forms.  Here are the latest news articles from some of the leading cancer organizations.  Check back often to stay up to date.

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The deadline to enroll in a 2019 Marketplace health insurance plan is December 15!* Do you find it difficult to make health insurance coverage choices? Watch our Animated Videos for a quick break down or check out our webinars for in-depth explanations! Do one of these...
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In this week’s news: specialist prostate cancer MRI scan recommended on NHS and scientists are developing a gel spray to reduce tumour growth after surgery.
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Cancer is a growth industry. And drug companies are not interested in curing cancer. It is more profitable to turn it into a chronic condition. They can then offer “chronic treatments.” Patients will keep coming back  for expensive treatments. This isn’t idle speculation. In April 2018, Goldman Sachs, a Wall St. bank with almost one trillion […]

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Two new studies show how the drugs venetoclax (Venclexta) and azacitidine (Vidaza) team up to block the unique metabolism of leukemia stem cells and may explain why the drug combination is effective against acute myeloid leukemia.

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A revamped Cancer Drugs Fund is giving patients new options and renewed chances of successful treatment, quicker than ever before.
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who was featured as one of our Cancer Survivor stories in October 2017. You can find out more about Barb’s healing from a...

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In the largest-ever randomized trial testing vitamin D for cancer prevention, the supplement did not lower the risk of developing cancer. The Vitamin D and Omega-3 Trial (VITAL) includes a nationally representative sample of nearly 26,000 participants.