Daily Walking Fights Cancer


Two separate studies in 2017 showed a direct impact on walking daily and survival, saying it may cut the risk of dying from cancer, even in more advanced stages of the disease. 

The first study followed breast cancer survivors over a period of 8 years, exercising an average of 25 minutes per day, where most women reported simply walking.  They found a 50% improved survival, and their disease was less likely to progress.

Another study followed stage 3 bowel cancer survivors, whose cancer had begun to spread.  In this group, patients who exercised 150 minutes per week (a little over 20 minutes per day), had a 42% reduced risk of dying, and a greater chance of disease-free survival.

Research is ongoing, there are certainly more studies than this, but getting out for some fresh air every day seems to be a simple way to improve your survival.  If the weather is unbearable (too hot, or cold rain), take a trip to an indoor mall and walk.   

And always, don't feel guilty if you miss a day.  Think of your survival as everything you do together - some days you're just tired, and you need to rest.  When you're ready to start walking again, you will.