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Even small amounts of vigorous exercise could significantly lower a person’s risk of dying prematurely, according to a large-scale new study of exercise and mortality.
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An expert in chronic illnesses says that boys should be vaccinated against the HPV virus, as well as girls, to cut incidence of genital warts and several cancers.
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Eating five daily portions of fruit and vegetables is associated with a lower risk of death from any cause, particularly from cardiovascular disease, but beyond five portions appears to have no further effect, finds a new study.
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Surgeon General warns of skin cancer as major public health problem
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Elizabeth Smith

When I was a kid, my neighbors grew the juiciest, best-tasting tomatoes in their back garden. They became a hallmark of summer and to this day, I believe tomatoes are one of the best things about this season.

Let’s celebrate peak-season tomatoes! Here are seven tips for making the most of tomatoes this summer.

  1. Sliced. Swiss Family Sandwiches and Vegan Caprese Salad are fast weeknight supper crowd-pleasers.
  2. Chopped. You only need a few chopped heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella, chopped basil and olive oil for a colorful no-cook pasta sauce.
  3. Puréed. There’s nothing like icy cold Classic Gazpacho on a blistering hot day.
  4. Salsa-ed! Fresh Salsa is summer’s must-have condiment for grilled steaks or shrimp, brown rice (a Sure Deal) and beans, scrambled eggs and of course, chips.
  5. Grilled. Grilled cherry tomatoes are tops on fish, chicken, pasta and toast points. Simply toss tomatoes with olive oil, garlic and herbs then cook in a grill basket until charred.
  6. Stored. Keep tomatoes at room temperature until ripe and then use within a day or two. (When storing tomatoes, avoid refrigeration because it affects their flavor and texture.)
  7. Preserved. Roasted, dehydrated or stewed — savor the season by saving a taste of summer for later.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy summer’s tomato harvest? Let me know in the comment’s section below.
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The best way to cure most cases of cancer is to surgically remove the tumor. The Achilles heel of this approach, however, is that the surgeon may fail to extract the entire tumor, leading to a local recurrence. With a new technique, researchers have established a new strategy to help surgeons see the entire tumor in the patient, increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.
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A cellular program that evolved over eons to heal wounds may have been hijacked by mutant p53 proteins to enable cancers to spread out of control. This protein normally comes to the fore when healthy cells sense damage to their DNA caused by stress, such as exposure to toxic chemicals or intense exposure to the sun's UV rays. If the damage is severe, p53 can cause a cell to commit preprogrammed cell-death, or apoptosis. Mutant versions of p53 that no longer perform this vital function, on the other hand, are enablers of many different cancers.
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Converting stem cell data into sounds could enable GPs to make instant, non-invasive cancer diagnoses during a routine check-up. A recent study shows how data sonification (where data is conveyed as audio signals as opposed to visual illustrations such as graphs) can improve standard techniques currently used in spectroscopy stem cell analysis. What could this mean for cancer diagnostics?
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Sweet potatoes and carrots provide us with carotenoids, including beta-carotene. Our bodies convert these naturally occurring compounds to vitamin A, and new research suggests that one form of these derivatives, retinoic acid, may help protect against breast cancer. A study from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia showed that exposing pre-cancerous cells to retinoic acid turns them back into normal cells with a normal genetic signature. No such effect was seen when the researchers exposed cancerous and aggressive breast cancer cells to retinoic acids, which the researchers said suggests a small window of opportunity for retinoic acid to play its cancer-protective role. They also reported that lower concentrations of retinoic acid than the one used in this study had no effect and that higher doses actually yielded a smaller effect. Now, the researchers plan to investigate whether the amount of retinoic acid used will work in animals. If it does, human tests of the effects would come next. In addition to carrots and sweet potatoes, foods that contain carotenoids include broccoli, squash, cantaloupe, mangos and apricots, while vitamin A as retinoic acid can be found in beef liver and other organ meats, salmon, dairy products and fortified breakfast cereals.

M.F. Arisi et al, “All trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) induces re-differentiation of early transformed breast epithelial cells,” International Journal of Oncology, DOI: 10.3892/ijo.2014.2354, 2014.

Dr. Weil
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Elizabeth Smith

Heirloom Tomato and Bulgur Salad

Fall is often linked with a return to routine. This can mean adopting time-and money-saving strategies or embracing healthier eating habits. In both cases, the Whole Story blog is here to help. Through mid-September we’re sharing our favorite pointers for mealtimes (including snacks!) from how to shop to how to prep, so you can get back on track with ease.

Between work, school drop-offs and pick-ups and extracurriculars, there’s a temptation to go out for dinner or pick up a quick breakfast. However those are usually the most expensive options.

To control spending and chaos, my husband and I swear by weekly meal planning. Before we do our weekly shop, we search our store’s weekly sales online (check your store’s sales flyer), see what’s already in our pantry and freezer and then create a weekly meal planner.

The savings doesn’t stop there. After working with Whole Foods Market for more than seven years, I’ve picked up tons of tips on how to save money in each aisle. Here are 10 of my favorite money-saving tips for shopping at Whole Foods Market.

  1. Bang for your buck. Whole foods (ingredients in their purest, unprocessed forms) like grains, beans and lentils give you more nutrients for less cash. Try this Heirloom Tomato and Bulgur Salad or Baked Coconut Lentils.
  2. Case discount. From lunchbox beverages to snacks for the soccer team, get discounted pricing on most items when you buy a full case. Ask Customer Service for details.
  3. Cut waste. Use only what you need with bags of frozen fruits, veggies, chicken, shrimp and scallops. (That means smoothies or pasta mix-ins at the ready.)
  4. Maximum meat for the moolah. Look for budget-friendly pricing on lesser-known cuts such as boneless sirloin, flat iron steak or skirt steak. (Think Flat Iron Tortas and Southwest Grilled Beef Salad.)
  5. Essentials gone organic. Are there some items you always try to buy organic? From peanut butter and cereal to frozen veggies and shampoo, it’s easy to find hundreds of affordable organics with the 365 Everyday Value® line.
  6. The scoop on bulk bins. Go wild with ingredients like nuts, seeds, grains, lentils, cereal and dried fruits. Because you’re not paying for packaging (or a full package), you can explore a new world of dried plant ingredients.
  7. Hit the bar. Shop our salad bar when you need small amounts of veggies. Ingredients are pre-washed, pre-chopped and often organic. This is a super fast short cut for stir-fries and pizza toppings.
  8. Cut costs in half. If you need only half a cabbage, sandwich, chunk of cheese, fish fillet, loaf of fresh bread, etc. we’re happy to provide just the half you need.
  9. Value packs. Shop for these and get fish and meat at a better price.
  10. Sign up and save. Subscribe to our email newsletters to receive the latest specials and coupons, plus loads of tested recipes.

What is your favorite way to save money at Whole Foods Market?
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