Survive Your Way

If you've been diagnosed with cancer, and you're reading this, then you're a survivor!

Surviving cancer is everything you do to live well after your diagnosis.  Showing up to your doctor's appointments is a step toward survival - you can be proud of the strength it took just to get this far.  You are Stronger Than Cancer.  

But everyone's path to survival is a little different - you can customize and try new things.  You can make small lifestyle changes that make a big difference.  This site is about helping you find what works for you.

This is a new site, so content will be added in the coming days.  Please visit again as we add information that will help cancer survivors and their caregivers live life more fully.

Fight Cancer from Every Angle

Step 1:
Find a team of doctors you trust.  You will be relying on them for treatment and guidance.  It is okay to get a 2nd or 3rd, or even a 4th or 5th opinion before deciding which team of doctors you will work with for your treatment.  You will all be fighting this together.  It's a deeply personal experience.  Step 1 in survival, is trusting your medical team.

Step 2:
What does cancer survival look like to you?   Strangely, cancer has a way of bringing life's priorities into sharp focus.  What is most important to you?  It can be spending time with grandchildren, or learning to play guitar.  Now is a great time to find ways to fit in those important things in life.  These are things that help you through the hard days, and help you shape a new life as you emerge as a survivor.

Step 3:
Life changes in baby steps.  You have a team of doctors helping you with your medical treatment, but making small changes in your life are the best way to tilt survival in your favor.  There's a lot of information on this site that will help you make those small changes that help you feel better and stronger.  Survival is different for everybody.  Pick what works for you, and don't worry about the rest.


Every decision you make can be a decision that supports your cancer survival.  Check out how lifestyle choices, like diet, exercise, cleaning products, and even sleep can give you that next step after treatment that improves your chances of survival.

Learn about diet options.

Learn about how exercise, even just walking, can improve survival.

Learn about how you can reduce toxins around you.

Learn how sleep helps your body restore itself.