The Million Woman Study

In 1996, The Million Woman Study began recruiting women to participate in a long range study tracking the risk of breast cancer associated with different types of menopausal hormone therapy, but they found many participants, who had reached adulthood in the 60s had both smoked and used oral contraceptives as teens and young adults.  They also began to look at weight, as obesity was also on the rise. 

Because Health - a wholistic approach

A great new site called Because Health provides lots of great advice about the details of every day living, that helps you make small decisions that have a big impact.

As the describe themselves: "This is a site for people who care about their wellness and health, and recognize that pollution of our air, water, and soil, toxic chemicals in our products, and other environmental risks like climate change, are just as important as working out and eating right."

An Experimental Drug Slows Cancer's Circadian Clock

We are beginning to learn about the circadian rhythms that happen throughout the body.  Not just the rhythms that tell us when to sleep and when to wake up, but also when to eat, and as we are learning, even our cells have their own rhythm.  We've learned that when these rhythms are disrupted, like if we don't get regular sleep, or eat on a regular schedule, then our health is negatively impacted.