dark chocolate

Yes, chocolate!  Chocolate is now being researched for it's anti-cancer properties.  It's health benefits are numerous, and they address many issues that cancer survivors struggle with.   Benefits like improved brain energy helps combat 'chemo-fog'.  It supports the heart, and cardio-vascular system improving cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and reducing arterial plaque.  It strengthens bones which are weakened with treatment.  And some research indicates that it can have a preventative affect on cancer.

What is it about chocolate that can do all of this?  It has high levels of a variety of antioxidants, especially important are the antioxidant flavonols.   They neutralize free radicals that damage cellular DNA which can lead to disease.  Antioxidant flavonols, polyphenols and proanthocyanidins can slow the growth of cancer cells.  New research into the pentamer compounds in cocoa show that it may slow cancer growth as it deactivates the proteins that encourage cancer cells to continually divide.

To be clear, the benefits are greatest with dark or bittersweet chocolate.  White chocolate doesn't contain any of the beneficial cacao, and milk chocolate doesn't contain enough cacao to counteract the negative effects of the additional fats and sugars.  If you prefer milk chocolate, maybe begin to try slightly darker chocolates and work your way up.  

Also, you don't need a lot, and too much of a good thing is not always right - we want balance in our new healthy lifestyle.  So, about a 1 oz chocolate is ideal if you plan to eat it daily.