Raw Foods

raw foods - zoodles pad thai

Eating Raw Foods has become a popular diet that embraces the idea that foods are most nutritious when you haven't cooked all of the nutrients out of them.  

The concept of eating raw 'living' food, means you are getting the full benefit of not just calories, proteins, and vitamins - but you're getting all of the enzymes and other nutrients that may be weakened or eliminated through cooking.

Raw food diets can be very creative.  It's not just salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It's creating solutions for putting foods together.  Like, instead of boiling pasta, use strings of zucchini.  Use cashews instead of cream for ice cream (it's quite good!).  

Raw foods are loaded with antioxidants, but also include protease (enzymes) that can help protect our cells from developing into tumors.

In general, in addition to maximizing the nutrients you consume, a raw food diet increases energy levels, helps lower cholesterol, is heart-healthy, and can help you lose weight.  If your body is more satisfied, because it is getting the nutrients it needs, then you are less likely to feel hungry. 

How can a raw food diet help protect against cancer? Raw foods are loaded with antioxidants, but also include protease (enzymes that digest proteins) that can help protect our cells from developing into tumors.  Reduced levels of enzymes in the body have been linked to higher rates of cancer.  Raw foods improve digestion, and clean the intestines, making elimination easier, thereby reducing the chance of colon cancer. 

There are a lot of studies related to the enzymes in raw foods and their role in both breaking down proteins in cancer cells, and preventing cancer.  This will be discussed in other parts of this site - but just remember a healthy amount of raw foods in your diet has a huge impact on supporting your body's fight against cancer.

The drawback to jumping into a raw food diet, without necessary research, is that if it is poorly planned (for example, if you eat nothing but iceberg lettuce salad), then it can have the opposite effect and leave you tired, and malnourished.

There are many books and websites on the subject of raw foods that are worth reading.   I found that reading these materials made me think more about eating raw 'living' foods, and made it easy to add this into my regular diet.  As you learn about nutrition, and take charge of what you are putting into your body, you will enjoy the raw recipes that will add delicious variety to the foods you hope to eat more of.