Because Health - a wholistic approach

A great new site called Because Health provides lots of great advice about the details of every day living, that helps you make small decisions that have a big impact.

As the describe themselves: "This is a site for people who care about their wellness and health, and recognize that pollution of our air, water, and soil, toxic chemicals in our products, and other environmental risks like climate change, are just as important as working out and eating right."

This is definitely complementary to my thoughts on cancer survival.  It's like a mindful approach to living and working, that helps you feel good about what you are doing for yourself.  

With tips and reviews that help you reduce toxic plastics or chemicals from your home, to science-based information about the environmental or health impacts of various products, the information is clear and easy to follow.

I will definitely be following them, and you may want to check them out as well.

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