Cancer research is happening all the time, every day we are learning more about the causes of cancer, the behavior of cancer cells, and better ways to target cancer cells for treatment.   

Cancer Research

Stronger Than Cancer shares new and interesting studies and research that helps us better understand cancer.  While some of this may be research geared toward developing new drugs, the emphasis will be on how the immune system works, or ways our body tries to fight cancer so we can think about that in our life choices. 

It is impossible to list everything that is currently being studied, but we hope to share what is most interesting to cancer survivors.

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In 1996, The Million Woman Study began recruiting women to participate in a long range study tracking the risk of breast cancer associated with different types of menopausal hormone therapy, but they found many participants, who had reached adulthood in the 60s had both smoked and used oral contraceptives as teens and young adults.  They also began to look at weight, as…

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We are beginning to learn about the circadian rhythms that happen throughout the body.  Not just the rhythms that tell us when to sleep and when to wake up, but also when to eat, and as we are learning, even our cells have their own rhythm.  We've learned that when these rhythms are disrupted, like if we don't get regular sleep, or eat on a regular schedule, then our health…