Finding Support Online

Online Support

Photo credit: Christina Morillo

Today's world doesn't stop.  Even when you are diagnosed with cancer, you keep going!  In fact, many of us feel guilty that we're missing that important meeting at work, or feel too sick to go to a special event.  We still haven't learned to take a break.

But that's a reality.  Often we bury our emotions to get through the day.  We bury our emotions so we don't worry the children.  At the end of the day you want to burst.

Online Communities will connect you with people who are going through all of the same worries & emotions that you are.

It's times like this when you need to talk to someone, but your friends may be asleep, or your partner or family members just don't understand enough to answer.  This is when online forums can help.  They will connect you with people who are going through all of the same worries and emotions that you are.  You will find people at all stages of the process, from recently diagnosed, to final treatments and maybe some post-treatment follow-ups.  You will find people with your same type of cancer, maybe living in another state or country, and you'll realize you are not alone.

There are a number of forums out there, I'll list a few.  If you are in a clinical trial, there's a good chance there will be a forum for you to chat with other patients in the trial.  Ask your doctor if they have any forums they recommend.

Find an Online Support Group

Cancer Forums

Cancer Survivors Network: This is affiliated with the American Cancer Society.  They have a number of other online communities that range from personal blogs to support groups after treatment.  You can find these groups on their Online Communities page.

Patients Like Me: Patients Like Me is a community based site that helps people connect with others who have the same diagnosis.  It's a place for support and sharing.

You can also find forums on the sites that are specific to your cancer.  There's Lungivity for lung cancer patients, forums on the American Bladder Cancer site, and of course the community page.   The amount of online support is incredible, so don't hesitate to do a quick search for forums for your type of cancer.